Goal of the Year: Top three Preliminary Rounds goals revealed

We put it up to you, the fans of the FFA Cup, to decide who deserves to win the Goal of the Year in 2018!

The votes from the Top 10 goals of the Preliminary Rounds have been counted, and these are the top three goals that will go into the final round of voting. 

Gerrie Sylaidos (Northcote City), Daniel Sotiropoulos (Manningham United Blues), and Renato De Vecchi Marins (South Hobart FC) each received the highest amount of votes for their goals in the Preliminary Rounds, which you can see below. 

They are the first three of 10 players to go into the final round of voting, which will take place between the Semi-Final and Final of the FFA Cup in 2018. 

Three more will join them from the Round of 32 in due course, with voting for the best goals from that round to commence in the coming days. 

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