Your Hyundai A-League draw questions answered

With the 2012/13 season draw announced, we took to Twitter to answer your questions about how we came up with the draw.

With the 2012/13 season draw announced, we took to Twitter to answer your questions about how we came up with the draw and what the big issues were.

Some of your biggest concerns were around the scheduling and how the new finals series will play out, and revealed that the Hyundai A-League would have access to all the important 'home' venues of teams for the finals series.

Below are some of the best questions and answers from the social media session with out draw experts.

Daniel Huntington ?asked @ALeague How is it possible to make the draw fair when we have to play some teams twice at home and some twice away. #AskALeague

Hyundai A-League said - @dhunto_pg With 27 rounds in a 10 team competition there will always be a degree of inequity but we try to balance this across seasons.

@jrrjsw asked Why do Perth glory get the grand final rematch, we should as we are the champions! #AskALeague #GoRoar

The Hyundai A-League ?@ALeague said @jrrjsw There is no policy that grand-final replays are hosted by the champion. There was a compelling case for Perth to host GF replay.

@thommo477 asked Why didn't you wait for when @NewSydneyClub had an actual home ground and crest before releasing the draw?

The Hyundai A-League ?@ALeague said @thommo477 We had to consider not only W/Syd's planning as well as the 9 other clubs so important to get fixtures out as early as possible.

MT @choppy71 asked Why would you revamp the finals if they were so successful last year? In fact, why have finals at all?

Hyundai A-League ?@ALeague said @choppy71 (1/2) The new Finals Series format adds more competitive tension, rewards the top two with a week-off and hosting rights in Week 2 and removes Prelim Final which always struggled with crowds. This creates a cup like final series with every game knockout

MT @nathanonly asked Which genius decided to kick off the season with a match that creates its own hype?

The Hyundai A-League ?@ALeague replied @nathanonly The match happens 3 times each year. Important to start the season with a bang. Fan reaction so far has justified decision.

@edgardoamaya1 asked Was the AFC Champion's League taken into consideration when you were making the draw? #AskALeague

@edgardoamaya1 Yes. It was important that we factored in Adelaide, Brisbane and Mariners and potentially Perth's travel requirements. The Hyundai A-League ?@ALeague

@6dance asked @ALeague Has FFA contacted & pre-booked all likely finals venues in advance of AFL & NRL releasing their fixtures?

The Hyundai A-League replied @6dance Yes. We work closely with the venues to ensure they are available for final series matches.