Which Westfield Matilda matches your coffee of choice?

It’s International Westfield Matildas' Day, otherwise know as International Coffee Day.

Westfield Matildas love their coffee as much as they love their football and know their arabicas from their robustas and their short blacks from their flat whites.  

Coffee can tell you a bit about a person so which Westfield Matilda are you by the coffee you drink? 

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Espresso drinkers are well-travelled 

Espresso is not for the fainthearted. It’s bold, intense, and cultured much like the people who drink it. Espresso is international with variations of it being drunk all around the world.

A global beverage will identify you with Westfield Matildas who have plied their trade across countries and continents.

From Spain to Canada like Aivi Luik, Germany to Japan like Elise Kellond-Knight, and Germany, Denmark and the UK like Emily van Egmond, espresso drinkers are well travelled.  Along their journeys Luik and Kellond-Knight have savoured their experiences, much like you would savour an espresso. 

Extra sweet coffee drinkers are friendly 

Extra sweet coffee is for extra sweet players. The sugar and the caffeine combining to make one bubbly, zippy drink. Sweet coffee is sure to put a smile on your face and give you warm fuzzy feelings, like a friendly face or a hug from a mate.

Karly Roestbakken, Laura Brock, and Steph Catley are always there, ready to help their team mates, with big smiles on and off the pitch. They’re the kind of people who are sure to make you happy like a strong latte with two sugars please.

A little bit of milk/sugar drinkers are well-balanced 

For some people, a little bit of milk and a little bit of sugar is just right. The same applies to those players who have a little bit of football and a little bit of something else on their plate.

Whether it’s Lydia Williams stopping goals and writing books, Clare Polkinghorne marshalling the defence and undertaking her Masters of Criminology and Criminal Justice, or Emily Gielnik putting in the work in the gym and on the field, balance is important in every aspect of life.

Flavoured coffee drinkers are risk takers 

Why have just coffee when you could have coffee and chocolate? Or maybe caramel? Perhaps pumpkin spice? Flavoured coffee drinkers are risk takers, adventurous and unafraid to try new things.


With creativity and guile in equal measures, players who are ready to attack, have speed to burn, and aren’t scared to show off some tricks are just like flavoured coffee.

Think Hayley Raso and Ellie Carpenter bombing down the wings, Caitlin Foord pulling off cheeky dummies, and Sam Kerr celebrating goals with a backflip.

So let us know which Westfield Matildas' player matches your drink of choice!