The unseen pain that spurred Cahill’s incredible career

Tim Cahill has achieved it all in his Caltex Socceroos career.

His legacy, achievements and impact on Australian football will be lauded for generations on end.

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But none of it would have been possible without Cahill’s family – the unseen bedrock of one of the greatest careers in Australian sport.

“The only time I get hurt is when my family get hurt,” he revealed at today's press conference in Darling Harbour.

“Nothing hurts. 120 minutes against Syria is an absolute pleasure.

“There’s no more pain than living away from your family or leaving them early or watching the stresses that your brother or sister or mum and dad go through.”

Cahill celebrating his famous goal against the Netherlands at the 2014 FIFA World Cup


It all started for Cahill in 1997, when a fresh-faced teenager left Australian shores to chase a professional dream in Millwall.

Cahill says that the ups and downs that followed throughout his career pale into comparison with the sacrifices made by those closest to him.

“The pressure of going out and being the man that has to score and do those sorts of things, that’s not pressure.

“Pressure is when your mum has to work two jobs to make sure they pay the bills when you’re growing up, that’s pressure.

“That’s where that beautiful scar has been with me my whole life.”

Cahill celebrates the 2015 AFC Asian Cup success