Stats Shot | Round Eight

Round 8 saw some entertaining football, but it also showed that having the bulk of possession doesn’t necessarily equate to three points.

Round 8 saw some entertaining football, but it also showed that having the bulk of possession doesn-t necessarily equate to getting the three points.

Sydney FC v Adelaide United

The Sky Blues were better, but not quite good enough to hold out the rampant Reds. While the reds won ugly, the jury is out on just how frustrating life at Sydney FC is right now.

Possession: Sydney 48% / Adelaide 52% Tackles: Sydney 32 / Adelaide 28; effectiveness: 70% / 68%; yellow cards: 5 / 3 Total shots: Sydney 10 / Adelaide 15; on target: 5/ 6 Completed passes: Sydney 278 / Adelaide 353; accuracy: 78% / 83%

The possession and tackle stats tell you that this game was very close, and given the winning goal came right at the death, it-s hard to argue with that, Sydney certainly improved but they just seem to be lacking that much-needed killer punch.

The Reds on the other hand again managed to squeak out a win that would have done infamous ‘ugly winner- Brad Gilbert proud.

The difference, their drive and precision. 83 per cent passing accuracy was key, but so was their on target shooting and shots on goal in general. They created more chances and took them.

Melbourne Heart v Newcastle Jets

3-3 but it was more a case of it being a true game of two halves.

Possession: Heart 51% / Jets 49% Tackles: Heart 14 / Jets 12; effectiveness: 82% / 67% Total shots: Heart 11 / Jets 13; on target: 5 / 5 Completed passes: Heart 237 / Jets 326; accuracy: 76% / 83%

With possession just about level, it was little surprise that the Jets and heart drew. Five shots on target each and six goals, doesn-t say a lot for the respective defences either.

The Jets as usual had the higher passing number sand accuracy, but the Heart made up for that with 82 per cent tackle effectiveness, taking the ball away from the Jets more often throughout the match.

Wanderers FC v Melbourne Victory

It-s just not easy to win when you have a one-man advantage, surely the Wanderers must have learnt that over the last fortnight.

Possession: Wanderers 55% / Victory 45% Tackles: Wanderers 22 / Victory 21; effectiveness: 71% / 91%; yellow cards: 1 / 4 red cards: 0/1 Total shots: Wanderers 23 / Victory 6; on target: 7 / 2 Keeper saves: Wanderers 1 / Victory 6 Completed passes: Wanderers 443 / Victory 272; accuracy: 89% / 85%

One week they were at a disadvantage and won, the next they were up a man and lost, while having the bulk of possession, proving that when teams sit back and focus solely on defending they can be hard to break down. A big part of that was Victory-s 91 per cent rate of effective tackles made.

Like Glory the week before, the Wanderers had a glut of possession as well as the bulk of the shots, but Nathan Coe was making all the play in Victory-s goal, saving six shots to Ante Covic-s one and the Victory ran out 2-0 winners.

Despite the Wanderers having 23 shots on goal they couldn-t find the net, Victory had just two on target; they found the net.

Perth Glory v Wellington Phoenix

Wellington picking up points on the road has them well-placed for an exciting home stand against the Wanderers and Sky Blues.

Possession: Glory 55% / Phoenix 45% Total shots: Glory 15 / Phoenix 8; on target: 5 / 4 Completed passes: Glory 371 / Phoenix 206; accuracy: 84% / 76% Crosses: Glory 9 / Phoenix 18; corners: 9 / 5

Perth dominated nearly all the key stats but couldn-t get the result, proving that football is not always about quality, so much as taking chances when you can.

Wellington had half the shots of Perth and yet eked out a draw in the western capitol, Jeremy Brockie-s equaliser shattering Perth who for the second week straight dominated a match only to fail to get all three points.

Central Coast Mariners v Brisbane Roar

The Mariners turned the tables on their long-time rivals with a tight win in Gosford

Possession: Mariners 45% / Roar 55% Tackles: Mariners 32 / Roar 25; effectiveness: 84% / 68% Completed passes: Mariners 291 / Roar 490; accuracy: 83% / 90%

Like the Victory the mariners grabbed the three points despite the Roar having the bulk of possession and they did it thanks to some tough defence.

The Mariners might not be the biggest side, but they are well-drilled and aggressive and it served them well in this encounter.

The Roar may have combined to pass the ball an astonishing 490 times with 90 per cent accuracy, but they also only had a tackle effectiveness of 68 per cent. Central Coast-s was at 84 and this allowed them to shut down many a Roar attacking raid.