Ramsay continues to push for his Aussie dream

Iain Ramsay could probably walk into The Philippines' national team, but he is determined to chase his dream of representing Australia in international football.

Iain Ramsay is still one of the most exciting players in the Hyundai A-League, he-s also able to represent Australia or The Philippines, thanks to his mother being Filipino, but despite overtures from the South East Asian nation, he is committed to someday finding himself in a Socceroos jersey.

At 25 Ramsay-s best years are ahead of him and the ever-maturing midfielder is conscious of a changing of the guard occurring shortly in the national fold. As such, he is looking to show he not only has flair but also the consistency to back it up, especially post-Brazil 2014, when many of the aging current crop of Socceroos will likely look to retire.

“My main goal is to do well in the A-League and be as consistent as I can and get into the Socceroos squad,” Ramsay said.

“Obviously it (Philippines national team) is a great option to have with that country looking out for me, but that type of option is something I would look at later in the future; if it doesn-t work out with the Socceroos, but at this stage I-m looking to be consistent and put my hand up for Australia.”

While many might consider that there are other players who have more of an immediate chance of cracking the national fold, Ramsay was quick to point out he has one huge ace up his sleeve.

For a long time now, the Socceroos have struggled to fill the left-back position and have been routinely caught out there. Ramsay is left-sided and is willing to move into defence if it-s what it takes to wear the green and gold.

“I know a lot of quality players are nearing the end of their careers and there are youngsters coming through, but being a left-sided player I think I have the chance to put my mark on the team, whether that be as a left wing or a left-back, being left-sided is a great benefit, hopefully it eventuates sooner rather than later,” Ramsay said.

“I feel I can make the transition to left-back, the left-back these days is more of an attacking role. The way the game is now you see both the left and right backs get much more involved in an attacking sense, it-s something I definitely think I can make the transition to.”

While making the national side is one agenda, Ramsay knows the best way to do that is to continue to impress for his team, and while he isn-t sure where he will be next season, he does know performing for the Reds at the point end of the season is vital for both he and the Reds.

“Staying in Adelaide is an option. The club don-t want to do anything till the end of the season but I try as hard as I can to put those things aside and do my best for the team,” he said.

“We need a bit of form heading into the finals. We are secure to be in the finals but we still want to knock off Victory on the ladder, and after the Newcastle game we have Central Coast, so hopefully we can catch them too.

“You look at Fabio coming in, Bruce Djite as well, with these players coming back it does strengthen our squad at the right time just ahead of finals.

“Maybe we are a darkhorse, Adelaide don-t get as much publicity as Victory or Sydney, but I have a lot of belief in this team and if you look at us we are capable, it-s just a matter of hitting form and being consistent.”