"Once an Olympian, always an Olympian," Matildas share Tokyo 2020 Australian Olympians' Oath

Last week, the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) unveiled the Australian Olympians' Oath ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The Australian Olympians’ Oath is an initiative of the AOC Athletes’ Commission, to provide Olympic athletes with an enduring reflection of the culture, values and unique place Olympians hold in Australian society.

The Athletes’ Commission agreed that the oath needed to: 

• Articulate the Olympian identity and reflect that it is a lifelong activity 
• Set expectations for the Team and reflect what is good about being Australian 
• Inspire athletes to strive to be their best, the striving being more important than the outcome  
• Inspire others to achieve their lifelong ambition 
• Demonstrate passion and emotion

“Olympians are very proud of the culture, values and traditions that they uphold and an Oath is a tangible expression of this pride. It expresses a commitment which has added moral weight because of its collectively binding nature,” Athletes' Commission Chair, Steve Hooker said. 

“It’s also an important piece of history that this Team going to Tokyo takes with them. It’s a tradition that starts with them. They are a Team that has faced such difficultly, collectively and individually, just to get to these Games let alone compete in them. This is a common thread that draws them together.

All Olympic athletes were given the chances to recite the oath for the first time via broadcast, with Matildas Teagan Micah, Chloe Logarzo and Tameka Yallop reciting the oath via video.

The Australian Olympians’ Oath

For the honour of representing Australia

With acknowledgment and respect for the ancient Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories

and their ongoing connection to the continent, water and seas

For the pursuit of excellence in every endeavour

With gratitude to those who make it possible

For the Spirit of sport

For my fellow Olympians whom I respect and support

Since Edwin and forever

Once an Olympian always an Olympian.