Kewell: We'll be prepared

Melbourne Heart captain Harry Kewell says his team will be prepared for Sunday afternoon’s match at Lavington Sports Ground, despite the forecast heat.

Melbourne Heart FC captain Harry Kewell said his team will be prepared for Sunday afternoon-s match at Lavington Sports Ground, despite talk surrounding the weather forecast.

The match against Perth Glory is set to be played in hot conditions, but that is not distracting Kewell and his teammates.

“I-ll definitely get a better tan, especially in this heat,” Kewell joked when questioned about the forecast.

“No, look, as footballers… there are a lot of things that we have to think about, one of which is the weather conditions, but all-in-all, we are preparing for the game tomorrow.

“We can-t complain; if people have already played in this kind of heat, then we have to go out there tomorrow and play in it.

“Tactical-wise that will be down to the manager; picking and choosing what he wants to do out there.

“But if you do get selected and you are out there… if you do create chances in these conditions, you have to put the chances away.”

Melbourne Heart had a light session on an impressive Lavington Sports Ground - or ‘Lavi- as it is affectionately known by the locals - after arriving in Albury on Saturday afternoon.

“I haven-t played here before, personally, but I hear good things about [Albury] and I-m expecting a good crowd tomorrow so I-m expecting a good performance [from Melbourne Heart],” Kewell said.

“We always like playing at places where we are welcomed and if we get the result for the fans tomorrow, then definitely we-ll be back.”

When questioned on the comparison between the team-s current form and its form earlier in the season, Kewell said the side had shown potential throughout the whole campaign.

“The great thing about football is that anything can happen… I actually thought that we were playing well [last year]; out of all of the games we have played, we have probably played three bad games,” Kewell said.

“The results weren't going our way; we were hitting everything but the back of the net and obviously that counts; you have to put the ball in the back of the net to win games.

“The confidence has always been there; we have been playing good football all season.

“So we-re just going to continue to play like the way we set out to play and we look forward to this game tomorrow and the upcoming games.”