Julie Murray

Striker Julie Murray, representing the ACT, had first been selected for Australia during the 1980s playing as a 15-year-old in the 1986 second Oceania Cup and gaining valuable experience in this decade in tournaments in Taiwan, China, and Japan. Not tall, she possessed the ability and timing to jump making her a dangerous player in the air. She was mobile, determined, had outstanding technical skills with both feet and a great finish. She was calm in front of goal and a move from the midfield to striker saw her create and score a career total of 19 goals for Australia, many in crucial situations including the 1994 World Cup qualifier against New Zealand which Australia won 1-0. She scored in two of the three 1999 World Cup games. She captained the Matildas on numerous occasions. In all she played in 87 matches, including the 1995 and 1999 World Cups and one game in the 2000 Olympic Games.

Julie was also the first Australian woman to play in the USA and competed in the 1995 and 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments as well as the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

In total, Julie played 67 matches, scoring 19 goals for Australia in a 13 year career.