Elrich looks to continue family legacy

Tarek Elrich is looking to continue the legacy his brother Ahmad started in Western Sydney when he played for Parramatta Power.

Tarek Elrich has returned home to Western Sydney and you can tell by the look on his face he wants Wanderers FC to be an immediate success, more importantly he backs that look up with words.

For Elrich the launch of the club at Parramatta Stadium was a homecoming, after all it was just eight years ago that he stood in the stands and cheered his brother Ahmad on, and now he expects the former Qantas Socceroo to return the favour.

“I remember the days when I used to wear my brother-s number 21 jersey and be his biggest fan out at Parramatta Stadium every second week... my brother once told me if (Parramatta) Power still existed he would have signed his life away and never gone overseas,” Elrich said.

“He has to repay the favour and wear my jersey now and I-m sure he will, he was there the day I won the GF and that was probably one of his proudest moments seeing me win the grand final and be happy.”

While the return to Western Sydney gives Elrich the chance to reconnect with his roots and make it a family affair it-s his focus that is impressive as well as his passion for the area, Elrich revealing that it took him very little time to agree to terms with Head Coach, Tony Popovic.

“We agreed to terms overnight, it wasn-t a money thing, as soon as I heard about this (Wanderers FC) happening. My eyes lit up. It-s about playing for my home town and being close to my friends and family,” he said.

“Having the club in the Western Sydney region was a big thing and there is no bigger honour than playing for your hometown and being a foundation player I am going to experience the highs and lows of this club.”

As for what Elrich expects from the fans, that is for them to get behind the club and support it-s stance that the club is for all of Western Sydney, no matter what background you have.

“At the end of the day it is a multicultural society in Sydney-s west, so no matter your heritage, get out here and support us and help make this the biggest club in the league.”