Chloe Logarzo: "I'm the strongest and most confident I've ever been."

It's been almost eight months since CommBank Matilda Chloe Logarzo suffered the dreaded 'ACL' (anterior cruciate ligament tear). Since then, she's come leaps and bounds in her rehab, but her journey of body confidence is one Logarzo's eager to share.

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Back in December, we checked in with Chloe on her progress. At that point in time, she was only a month post-surgery, so the thought of getting back onto the pitch was a distant and wearisome milestone.

She had only just begun the mental battle of pushing through the pain of just moving, undertaking extension and flexion exercises, but fast forward to today and the tenacious midfielder is back in the gym and training on the pitch.

"The last couple of weeks have been like night and day when it comes to what I've been doing during rehab," she explained.

"Two and a half weeks ago, I was only just starting to cut, but now I'm cutting off the ball, shooting and doing recovery runs. I'm really getting down to the pointy end of the football stuff that I've been waiting for."

Footballers and fans alike understand that the process of coming back from an ACL injury is a long one that aside from recovery and repair, involves a lot of strength training.

Through this journey, Logarzo has found a new relationship with, and understanding of her body, forcing her to question her ideas around how she 'should' look like an athlete. 

"Because of this injury, I am the heaviest I've ever been. Being away from the football field, not being able to do much and watching my body change was really hard. It's been the most challenging hurdle of my career," she shared.

"It's all muscle, which is great, but it's definitely one of those things that was hard for me to see on the scales. 

"As an athlete, I've had this image for such a long time, but I had to understand that this is for the best, my body needs to gain as much weight and muscle as it can, so I can be as strong as I can be," she continued

"To know how far I've come in the last seven months, from tearing my ACL to being the strongest, most confident I've ever been, has been amazing."

Logarzo says the entire process has been an eye-opener, leaving her with new skills and realisations that will take her footballing career to the next level.

"The seven or eight years that I've played professionally, I've always gone from season to season, which hasn't allowed me to have a pre-season or a good base," she reflected.

"Starting from ground zero, building my way up, recovering from injuries I've had throughout my career and building my strength, has really given me the opportunity to look at how my career's gone over the last few years.

"It made me realise that I could have performed a little bit better if I just focused more in the gym and on the little niggles and the rotational work that helps me on the field. Those one-percenters are really what makes you a better player."

Logarzo ended with a special message for CommBank Matildas' fans who are eagerly awaiting her return to the pitch.

"Family, I will be back soon. I can't wait to put on the green and gold and represent Australia again," she said. 

"I'm doing amazing and I'm so ready to be back with my second family; the Matildas and all of you."

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This article was originally published on the CommBank Matildas website.