Charles Valentine

Born New York in 1915, Charles Valentine played goalkeeper for his school soccer team. In 1943 he was posted to Melbourne by the US Army and transferred to Sydney later that year. After the war ended Valentine stayed in Sydney, opening a chicken restaurant and later buying a farm at Parklea in 1953. He became a director of Sydney soccer club Pan Hellenic, joined the NSW Coaches Federation and was appointed treasurer of Manly Warringah in 1970. Two years later in 1972 Valentine became NSW Federation treasurer and was made a Life Member after retiring from the board in 1988. In that period he arranged purchase of his land at Parklea at below market value, gradually enlarging the land holding to 26 acres. With assistance from the NSW Government and other sources, Valentine converted the land into a series of playing fields, accommodation and administration headquarters that are now used by state, national and international teams.