The best W-League season yet

Football fan Sarah Groube gives her top five reasons why this has been the greatest season of Westfield W-League action.

Football fan Sarah Groube gives her top five reasons why this has been the greatest season of Westfield W-League action.

1) Girls FC on facebook and twitter. The faceless folk at FFA provide a seamless link between footballers, coaches and fans, putting us all in the same room, morning, noon and night. And they know what they are talking about.

2) 'Happy' coaching. Just like Masterchef brought big crowds to reality tv when they ditched the popular style of dissing contestants and decided instead to be positive, Jitka Klimkova brought a happy and winning environment to Canberra United. The football has in turn been a delight, and the crowd atmosphere more party than punch.

3) ABC TV. The only downside has been the double booking with the 20-20 internationals on the semi final weekend... Lucky it was women's cricket... Alicia 'little eesh' Ferguson is hitting her straps and Wilko is such a great football commentator - it's a shame he went missing for 20 or so years.

4) The Matildas. I'm as gutted as anyone that the Matildas didn't quality for the Olympics, especially with to the North Korean doping scandal, and because I have tickets to watch the Games. However, I think that the lack of focus on the Matildas this year has focussed all efforts and attention on the league.

Player performances aren't being assessed against who Tom Sermanni will select at left back, complete with a cut to an intense looking close up every four minutes. Tommy, I love you dearly, but we don't need your head on telly that often.

5) Canberra United. I worshipped the Canberra City boys as a kid. Baz Giampalo. Walter Valeri. I played for the ACT for many years. I organised the first few national league seasons - the Ansett Summer Series - which Canberra Eclipse won in 2001/2. But until this year's Canberra United team formed, I have never had so much pride in a group of women representing Canberra.

Ashley Sykes reminds me of Kristine Lilly, the USA's dynamic midfielder who would have been at home in an Olympic marathon.

Taryn Hemmings is the right fullback I wish I could have been - fast, strong, insightful, technical, and fun. There's only one Sally Shipard - she pops up everywhere on and off the field, and I can imagine oppositions are haunted by her in their dreams.

I could go on. I will. Cooper - the enforcer. Brush - the captain. Lydia - the ultimate goalkeeper. Bisset - all grown up and athletic, bright and quick. Raso - so quick and nipping at the heels of Heyman for star striker status.

Nic Sykes - such concentration that her performance against Simons and Foord et al of Sydney FC will be etched in my memory,

Munoz - strong, so strong, and so confident, Gill - so much time on the ball she's almost too glamorous out there.

Perry is a star of course, a Southern Star as it turns out. It must be a hard ask to share your time across two elite sports and a hard ask for coach Klimkova to drop anyone from this week's squad to make way for Perry.

Georgia Yeoman-Dale, Snez Veljanovska, Aroon Clansey (gk) all deserve a medal and more for the way they have conducted themselves on the park and on the bench in full support of their team mates.

Anyone in a winning team will tell you that it was the work of all players and staff in the team on and off the field who contribute to success, not just the goal scorers.

Which brings me to Heyman. She averages more than a goal a game, she draws two or three defenders with her on each run, she displays the grace of a pipeline surfer hurtling effortlessly down a 10 foot drop, and she selflessly shares her joy with her team mates after every goal.

Win or lose this weekend, it's been such a joy to watch you guys this year. You have brought so many smiles to Canberra faces this summer.

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