Bergman 81 and still going strong

Stephan Bergman is 81, but he's still taking to the pitch every week for Sans Souci FC in Sydney's south.

The FFA has recognised the achievements of Stephan Bergman, Australia's oldest registered footballer, as he continues to lace up the boots and play the sport he loves at the age of 81.

Bergman was born in Hungary in 1932 and played his first game of football at the age of five, a moment he has never forgotten.

"My first game was as a five-yearold but I do remember. I was dominating even as a five-year-old and we won 7-0," said Bergman.

He made the move to Australia in his late teens after playing reserves for one of Hungary's biggest sporting clubs Vasas SC.

Over 60 years on he now runs out in the green and red kit of Sans Souci FC and despite being the oldest footballer in the country admits he can't wait to get out on the pitch.

"If we go out there and play all day, I will play all day. I get upset whenthey put you off for 20 minutes."

With countless years of experience under his belt Bergman acknowledges that he has learnt every trick in the book when it comes to winning on the football pitch.

"When I play soccer I became a very determined player and I'm also a dirty player. I have a referee-s license and know all the rules and know how to be dirty and not get caught," he joked.

Bergman keeps fit by going for a daily run in the nearbynational park ensuring he is always ready to go come game day.

While he admits that he may not be as quick on his feet as he used to be, Bergman has no intention of this season being his last.

“I am going to keep going for sure.”

Bergman was in the crowd in his personalised Socceroos jersey, complete with his number 81 on the back, as the Socceroos made the World Cup following their 1-0 defeat of Iraq.