Another step forward for Coach Education

Australian football coaches are set to be the beneficiaries with 22 select men and women completing their training as course instructors for the roll-out of the new FFA C-Licence courses.

Australian football coaches are set to be the beneficiaries with 22 select men and women completing their training as course instructors for the roll-out of the new FFA C-Licence courses.

The Advanced Coaching Pathway, a key factor in the development of international standard coaches (and therefore players) has seen its courses completely re-written with the first step on the pathway being the new FFA/AFC C Licence.

The re-training of instructors took place over full a week during February featuring participants from all over the country, including high profile names such as former Qantas Socceroo skipper Alex Tobin, Qantas Socceroos Assistant Coach Robbie Hooker and Melbourne Victory Westfield W-League coach Vicki Linton.

Delivering the FIFA Futuro III course in Canberra were two FIFA Coaching Instructors, the well-renowned Erich Rutemoeller from Germany and FFA-s Kelly Cross.

Qantas Socceroos Head Coach Holger Osieck and National Technical Director Han Berger were in attendance and also presented some of the modules.

“Normally FIFA decides on the content of these courses but in this case we made an exception and allowed FFA to present their new course curriculum,” said Rutemoeller, who served on Germany-s technical staff at three FIFA World Cups and two European Championships.

“I must say I was surprised by the progress and development that has been made since my last visit in December 2009. The quality of this new curriculum is comparable with world-s best practice. Not only is the course specifically tailored for the Australian circumstances, but it is also very practical and interactive.”

“The holistic philosophy that lays at the foundation makes it especially interesting. I want to congratulate FFA and Australian football on this new development that is certainly going to help to bring the game to a higher level in the near future.”

The course spanned eight days and was held at the Australian Institute of Sport. Evening practical sessions were conducted using the players of the AIS program and the ACT Academy of Sport.

Kelly Cross, FFA-s Head of Advanced Coach Education said: “Erich and I constructed a program that was very demanding, but their response showed total commitment, dedication and professionalism.”

“When FIFA Instructors like Erich and myself conduct these Futuro III courses around the world, we always strive to make sure that there is a positive impact on football in the countries where the participants work.”

“FIFA can rest assured that this course will do that because FFA now has a pool of well-trained C Licence course presenters across the country, and that will make a difference to the quality of coaching in Australia. I feel FIFA and FFA have both achieved their objectives.”

The FFA Advanced Pathway courses are approved by AFC giving successful candidates recognition throughout Asia.

Australia and Japan are the only Asian countries that are allowed to conduct their own courses, rather than the generic AFC courses.

“These Advanced Pathway courses are critical in raising the quality of coaching in Australia, and so the training of course presenters and ongoing quality control is vital,” said Cross. “There is no other way to gain AFC-approved accreditation in this country other than by attending an official FFA Advanced Pathway course.”

FFA-s courses are based on the recently-completed ‘FFA Coaching Expertise Model-, which gives a clear map for elite coach development, using a holistic, game-related approach. The Model will be officially launched in the near future.

“We are confident that our Coaching Expertise Model will bring coaching in Australia to a higher level,” said National Technical Director Han Berger. “These are some of the necessary steps required if we are to make Australia a world leader in the world game.”

“Our Coach Education slogan is the key: Better Coaches, Better Football.”